Power Transmission & Distribution (T&D)

Aditi International was promoted in 2004 by transmission industry professionals having a combined experience of over 25 years in the field of Extra High Voltage   Transmission Lines Procurement of Materials, Construction, Erection& Stringing of EHV Lines, Quality assurance and control & Testing.

Aditi International has executed more than 1600 Circuit Kms of EHV Transmission Line Project upto 400 KV in last 8 years in States of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Tamilnadu & Chhattisgarh.

In addition, Aditi International has executed more than 2000 Kms of Projects of EHV Transmission Lines (List of Projects enclosed for reference).

The Projects executed by Aditi International and include Projects of New Transmission Lines as well as many critical works like Work of Renovation of Transmission Lines involving Dismantling of Line Materials; Strengthening of old towers wherever necessary, and replacement of Hardware, Insulators, Earth wire & Conductor in HOT LINE/COLD LINE conditions of more than 35 years old lines; critical post accident restoration; as well as Projects of Re-routing & Diversions of lines upto 400 KV capacity.

Aditi International has executed Work of 132KV XLPE UG Copper Cable at Andhra Pradesh.

Aditi International has executed Work of Hotline Stringing And Dismantling Work Of 66 KV Transmission Line - 14 Km at Gujarat With TACSR DOG
Conductor (High Ampacity Conductor)

Aditi International has successfully executed Trunkey transmission Line Project in Senegal, West Africa for M/s ICS.

The company engages sufficient personnel and equipments to simultaneously handle a number of independent projects, for Transmission Lines upto 400 KV capacity.


Aditi International is committed to strive for continuous improvement of all inputs/operate a result oriented Quality System to attain complete customer satisfaction by providing reliable & consistent quality and timely execution.


. To establish and monitor the Quality System.
. To provide efficient customer service.
. To encourage prevention of non-conformity.
. To arrange education and involvement of all team members.


Safety is a sum total of the inputs of efforts and attitude, conscience and controls as also effective training.

Safety is thus akin to Quality – in fact it is a part of Quality; as a part of Quality is also reflected by the safe working-by workmanship and environment.

Safety shall thus be measured not only in terms of Actual Accident free working but also in terms of providing an environment, which will create a confidence in the Safety Measures.

The Safety Policy is the guiding force of the Safety System.